The Risen Books

Tempestina Teapot Books

Interviews with August and Tim

George Noory

Coast to Coast with George Noory

2009. August  was a featured guest on the inimitable Coast to Coast AM Radio Show to discuss The Risen Dialogues with George Noory.

Bob & Phran Ginsberg

Forever Family Foundation

2014. August has been the guest of friends Bob & Phran at Signs of Life Radio at The Forever Family Foundation.

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor Radio Show

2010. August was honored at Dr. Eldon Taylor's Provocative Enlightenment Radio Show at Hay House Radio.

Nicole Whitney

News for the Soul Radio Show

2011. August joined Nicole Whitney at News For The Soul Radio. The Risen book and many other things were discussed as the spirit so moved them. 

Roberta Grimes

Seek Reality Radio with Roberta Grimes

2017. August had the honor of speaking live with Roberta Grimes on her radio show, "Seek Reality.

Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle Mediumship Radio

2017. Tim Doyle is a medium and also the host of "Mediumship Radio", where he and August had the pleasure of a long, cozy chinwag about mediumship.

Jerry Gaura - QH3

QH3 Podcast

12/15/15. In this episode of The Quantum Health and Happiness Happenings Podcast, New York-based psychotherapist August Goforth reflects back on his childhood and relives the crucial events that influenced his spiritual and psychic development. 

Angela Artemis

Interview by Angela Artemis at Powered by Intuition

A rare and detailed transcript interview of August Goforth by intuitive, Angela Artemis at "Powered by Intuition." 

Scott Podmore

Conversations With Medidums Book by Scott Podmore

Conversations With Mediums, a ground-breaking book by award-winning journalist, Scott Podmore

which features an entire chapter interview of Tim & August.

Michael Johnson

MIchael Johnson Podcast

August and "Old Hip" Michael Johnson discussed The Risen and sundry for a couple hours at  True Voices Radio.

Psychic Professor's Show

1/26/18. With Dr. Susan Barnes – The Voices of Spirit. An interview with August Goforth, discussing the most recent book, The Risen: A Companion to Grief.

Supernatural Radio

supernatural radio

March 8, 2018. At Supernatural Radio, Co-hosts Corrine De Winter and Amy Cavanaugh speak with August Goforth about his books.