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The Authorship


August Goforth

The Risen Collective

August Goforth

August Goforth, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in New York City, is also a spirit medium. He intentionally does not utilize his mediumistic abilities for psychotherapy sessions, nor does he work as a professional medium to give readings. This is an ethical as well as a personal spiritual choice and thus utilizes this nom de plume as advised by the Risen. Along with Timothy Gray he currently sits in a physical mediumship circle for the development of spirit portals to otherwheres.  

August is co-author of The Risen: Dialogues of Love, Grief & Survival Beyond Death. His articles have been published in Paranthropology Journal; Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology; Parnormal Review; The Searchlight (The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies); and the Zerdin Buzz Sheet (now the Zerdin Phenomenal Magazine). He has been interviewed on many radio shows and podcasts, including George Noory’s “Coast To Coast Radio”; Phran & Bob Ginsberg’s Forever Family Foundation’s “Signs of Life Radio”; by Eldon Taylor of Hay House “Inner Talk Radio”; and by Roberta Grimes on “Seek Reality.” August & Tim were interviewed by the renowned journalist, Scott Podmore, featuring them in a chapter in his book, Conversations With Mediums.  August is an accredited medium under the auspices of the American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation (ASSMPI).


Timothy Gray

The Risen Collective

August Goforth

Timothy Gray was a writer, editor, photographer and all-about-gadabout in New York City until relocating to his present Risen existence in the early 1990s. He became keenly active in meditation and the development of spiritual sensing abilities in the final two years of his material existence on Earth. His final terrestrial project was the co-authorship of Dreams, Symbols & Psychic Power with Dr. Alex Tanous, the noted psychic and parapsychologist. He has been intimately involved with the transmission of much of the Risen Collective’s efforts, and continues to interact with his Risen team members who have been specifically involved with this book’s physical manifestation on Earth. Tim is a co-author of The Risen: Dialogues of Love, Grief & Survival Beyond Death.


The Risen Collective

The Risen Collective

The Risen Collective

  The Risen Collective, the primary energy behind the orchestration of The Risen Books, is comprised of inestimable numbers of non-terrestrial beings, plus equally invaluable terrestrial devas of various ranges of intelligence, status, self-awareness, and time-spans. All are companions in a cooperative of higher-vibrating multidisciplinary groups, residing in spiritual geographies outside the normal range of terrestrial psychic access. This collective includes educators, scientists, healers, philosophers, writers, and artists from multicultural and multi-temporal backgrounds of Earth and of other dimensional systems, and who share an intensely committed interest in the advancement of communicative relationships with those still embodied on Earth and in other dimensional systems. They are contributing this service under the auspices of an even vaster vibrational gathering, 

The Risen Assembly. 

[photo "Sardinia Orbs"

 © Shannon Taggart]

The Risen Books

The Risen Dialogues Book

The Risen Dialogues

Almost 8 years in its transmission,  this book contain countless hidden levels, doors and windows, stories, worlds and lands, and many, many voices. August and Tim are like two remote objects that have become forever entangled because of their love. Quantum physics tells us that love accomplishes, in invisible ways, things that seem like miracles to us here on the visible earth. The Risen are people like us but, also seemingly miraculously, no longer on the earth: they have risen. There are many extreme differences between the Risen and the non-Risen, and this book was manifested to attempt to introduce ideas, ways and means to understand and even change some of those differences ... to become more entangled with the Risen, and to realize how entangled one might already be.    A great deal of the primary differences between the Risen and non-Risen are psychological, or more precisely, psychospiritual in nature. This book could be seen as a kind of "psycho/spiritual" textbook and guide that introduces perhaps very alien Risen behavioral and developmental concepts about what a human being is, and the mental and emotional aspects that are interfering with being psychologically free enough to dispense with fear, in order to then spiritually connect with previously hidden or unsensed realities and other aware, alive, conscious beings in those realities.   

 Be advised:  this book is not "Mediumship 101" or "Afterlife for Dummies" — 

Dabblers and Confirmed Skeptics are Welcome. 


A Companion to Grief

This book, which took 6 years to manifest, is linked to the previous one. It continues the deepening journey about grief and loss, which is usually what brings us humans to the point of asking "why?" and "now what?"  Know that one can be led to personally experience that grief can be transformed into joy, which is also a transition to a new life and way of  living. A Companion to Grief is for those who have not yet fully shut down, but still open to change for the better.

  It must be emphasized that there is no such person as an expert on grief or on the afterlife. The afterlife is not something that’s going to happen—it’s happening right now.  Let this book be a companion, reading it in quiet places where there are not too many people around. Neither I nor the Risen are to be misperceived as authorities on anything, but rather as thoughtful friends and companions journeying alongside you—questioning, sharing, weeping, laughing, pointing, flying, and especially, rejoicing. Thank you for joining us.