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N. Riley Heagerty has been researching Historic Spiritualism and Mediumship for over 3 decades and has concentrated on the physical phenomena attending the great mediums who manifested their gifts within what he refers to as the “Century of Wonders ” between 1848 and 1948. 

According to Mr. Heagerty, “That century produced mind-staggering manifestations witnessed on numerous occasions by individuals whose integrity would be an insult to question. We have been given countless instances of positive proof of not only life after death but direct communication by spirits. It is also a sad fact that the world, in general, is woefully unaware of these titanic events which, if understood, would change the course of human thinking.”

Riley has lectured in England and America and has first-hand experience with most of the recognized internationally known physical mediums, including private sittings with several of whom he and his wife Caroline, a well-known clairvoyant, have invited to their home for private sittings and observation.

The Books of N. Riley Heagerty

The Direct Voice


NEW (2018) - The Mediumship of Elizabeth Blake, One of Spiritualism's Greatest American Mediums. 

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Portraits From Beyond: The Mediumship of the Bangs Sisters



Two of the most famous American physical mediums during the "Century of Wonders"(1848-1948) were the Bangs Sisters, May and Elizabeth, of Chicago, producing rare "Spirit-Precipitated Art."

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The French Revelation

The French Revelation Book

A compilation of the five books of Edward C. Randall — a New York trial lawyer from Buffalo, NY of over 700 séances  1890–1912 with direct voice medium Emily S. French.

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Spectral Evidence Volume I


(2018) - Mind-Blowing Wonders Within the Heyday of 

Historic Spiritualism

~ “The Stories True, 

the Characters Real” ~

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Spectral Evidence Volume II

Spectral Evidence II

NEW - August 2018! Prepare yourself again for the mind-staggering eyewitness accounts of some of the greatest mediums who manifested spirit phenomena within the astounding records of Historic Spiritualism. 

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Spectral Evidence Volume III


. . . in progress . . .

“It is nothing to die. 

It is frightful not to live.” 

Victor Hugo

Accolades for N. Riley Heagerty's Works

The Direct Voice

“I thought I knew about all the great mediums of yesteryear—however, Elizabeth Blake is one who escaped my attention. Clearly, she was a gifted direct voice medium who should be remembered in the rich history of survival research. Many thanks to Riley Heagerty for resurrecting her in this very intriguing book.”

Michael Tymn

Paranormal journalist and author

The Articulate Dead

Spectral Evidence Volume I


“The modern mind tends to diminish all but the most recent events. Mr. Heagerty has performed a profound service in reminding us of the great work and wisdom of the past 150 years. A truly compelling book that will have you question your concept of reality, and the nature of consciousness.”

Dr. Michael Soucy

Chiropractic Intuitive 

Guided Wisdom Healing

The French Revelation

"The French Revelation is destined to become a classic of Spiritualist literature."

Colin Fry

International Spiritualist Medium

"Mr. Heagerty has placed all students of psychic research greatly in his debt with this new edition of material, much of which has never been seen even by historians of Physical Mediumship."

Leslie Price

Editor, Psychic Pioneer Project

Portraits From Beyond

"In preserving and re-presenting to the world the marvelous precipitated paintings of Elizabeth and May Bangs, Riley Heagerty has once again done a huge service for those who are seeking objective evidence of the afterlife."

Victor Zammit

Co-author of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife

The Direct Voice

"It's all in there: Spirits who touch and can be touched; a trumpet eerily suspended in space; a trembling table; sounds and lights. I really enjoyed the séance memoranda—the next best thing to being there."

Howard Hughes

BBC Journalist

Producer & Broadcaster:

 "The Unexplained " Podcast

Spectral Evidence Volume I

"This books has the power to change your views on the afterlife and, more importantly, how you are living your life now."

Rev. Karen L. Heasley

Founder and Pastor of the Spiritual Path Spiritualist Church, 

New Castle, Pennsylvania 

Host of Blog Talk Radio 

Truth Seekers


Robert Sharpe

Bringing Inspiration to Earth Radio

The Author is the  guest of Bringing Inspiration to Earth Radio, discussing his books, Portraits From Beyond and The Bangs Sisters.

Roberta Grimes

Seek Reality Radio

N. Riley Heagerty shares the fascinating story of Elizabeth and May Bangs, who were among the most prominent American physical mediums of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 



“It is love alone that leads to right action. What brings order in the world is to love and let love do what it will.”




“This above all; to your own self be true.” 

William Shakespeare



“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” 

Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi



"To enter heaven, you must bring heaven with you."

The Risen: A Companion to Grief