Tim Speaks

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
~ Anaïs Nin

    “Greetings to you. I’m Tim, here to welcome you as you join us on the journey we’re undertaking within the guise of an earthly book. I’m no longer on Earth but have transitioned into a new body and a grand, spectacular world and life—I am Risen. I’m still the same person I was but also very, very much more. The name I used while embodied was Timothy Gray and I’m utilizing that name here as well. But I also have other names now—symbols, really, to represent my spiritual expression, which changes constantly.

    “Change is the constant, the nature of all existence, at least for those embodied on the earth and for those who are Risen like me. Even the nature of change changes, depending on who perceives and from where the perception arises. My other names are not the kind of symbols that can be transcribed into terrestrial language, so it’s most convenient to use my old earthly name here. The name ‘Tim’ is also still deeply meaningful to August. Its resonance helps us maintain the remarkable connection we now have and want to continue having until he can join me on the level where I am, when the moment arrives for him to make his own transition to a Risen One.

    “It was at the request of several highly vibrating Risen Ones that I suggested this little project to August, who assented right away without even knowing just what he was getting himself into. This book will take much of its shape from the countless dialogues and other conversational experiences that August and I have had for almost fifteen years. Because they are real conversations and living experiences as well, this book is itself a real and living manifestation. I will also be speaking in the present to him and to you, the reader, as these pages unfold.”


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