The Journey Begins

Do not require a description of the countries towards which you sail.
The description does not describe them to you,
And tomorrow you arrive there, and know them by inhabiting them.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Envision, with your mind's eye, a world where poverty is impossible and abundance unavoidable. Because there are no needs there is no necessity to work. There is instant access to infinite sustenance, clothing, and shelter, and anything else you might desire. This will be so for everyone there, for these elements will be available to all. Hence an economic system of any kind—which implies lack—will not be needed in this world. None whatsoever—unless you might want it for yourself. The same will hold true for any social, psychological, political, scientific, and religious systems, which all inherently embrace presumptions of need. Your environment—the weather, the light, the mode of transport, and your home—will be what you choose them to be, continuously reflecting your personal consciousness.

    Everyone in this world is free to do whatever they like and as much or as little of it. Work is play, and play is work; they are indistinguishable from one another. You may work and play, live and love with those who are most like you, for in this world the Principle of Affinity is the guiding force of relationships. Those who are not like you will be with others most like them.

    Most refreshing and relieving of all, there is no judgment or criticism in any way in this world, no matter how much we may think we deserve it. And if that should be the case, we would be judging only our self and not prevented from such a desire. The Principle of Affinity will convey us into an environment that reflects our self-judgments, while allowing for relationships with others who see themselves in various supporting roles that reflect our decisions about our self. Although nobody will attempt to interfere with our judgmental intentions toward ourself, there will always be observant, compassionate guides waiting to respond to the slightest request for help to release such intentions.

    Because we will be able to perceive that there is love freely available to all in this new world, the usual distortions from lack of it will not exist, and any enduring falsehoods will vanish quickly when we allow ourselves to fall into love’s awaiting arms. This falling into love will be as easy as breathing, for we are designed to self-correct through change—that is, through intelligent transition. Death is also “corrected” through this loving process of transition, from which we will emerge and arise anew.

    What would such a world be like compared to where you live now? What would you do in such a world?

    “If only such a place existed,” many will sigh with dim weariness.

    Such a world does exist. This other world awaits each one of us at any moment. It exists even now. We all already know this Home with great intimacy, for whenever our body sleeps and sometimes when we daydream, we visit it and all those whom we love. We have been leaving our bodies to travel in our spiritual body to this other world, this home, since the day we first arose upon the earth. Very few of us remember these travels upon awakening back into our terrestrial bodies, so heavily does earthly life weigh us down. The sheer density of our physical body filters out the greatly finer vibrations of such memories. If we could remember even just a little bit, our life would be tremendously lightened by the awe of such experiences, and further comforted by the sureness that the day will come when we will take our last step away from this earth, never having to return.

    We will each enter a final terrestrial sleep of some kind as we begin our transition. Upon awakening we will arise into a new life—not beneath another earthly sunrise, but into a new, light-filled world—our True Home—where joy, not fear, will be the ground upon which we will move and have our being.

    We will have transitioned into a Risen One.


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