AUGUST GOFORTH, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in New York City, is also an intuitive-mental and psychophysical spirit medium. He was given this name as a child by Risen guides and mentors, and uses it here for the sake of his personal privacy and that of his therapy patients. He does not utilize his mediumistic abilities for therapy sessions, nor does he work as a professional medium to give readings for others. This is a professional bias as well as a personal choice, and may serve as an example for other therapists who might be misguided to inappropriately use mediumistic abilities in their work. However, he believes there will be an eventual spiritual evolution of humanity, as enriched by Risen contact, whereby the various human therapies will all successfully and appropriately be able to utilize mediumistic abilities for healing purposes. August is a member of several groups of non-embodied entities who are working to develop approaches of therapeutic support for psychospiritual challenges arising from imbalances between Authentic Self and the ego-mind and its simulate selves.  This book, The Risen, has been a work-in-progress for seven years.

TIMOTHY GRAY was a writer, editor, and photographer in New York City until he made his transition to his present Risen existence in the early 1990s. He became keenly interested and active in meditation and the development of psychic abilities in the final two years of his existence on the Earth. His final terrestrial project was the co-authorship of Dreams, Symbols & Psychic Power with Dr. Alex Tanous, the noted psychic and parapsychologist (Bantam Books, 1990.) He has been intimately involved with the transmission of much of the Risen Project's material since its inception, and continues to interact with his Risen team members who have been specifically involved with this book’s physical manifestation on Earth. Tim is a fledgling Risen Learner-Healer with a vast array of interests, including the study of the evolution of terrestrial ego-mind, its impact on the transition process to the Risen state, and its eventual dissolution to other energy forms. He is a member of an expanding interdisciplinary team of Risen Healer-Scientists who work together in the spiritual geography known as “Borrowed From Angels” and also partakes in expeditions to other vastly distant and previously unexplored dimensions. Tim has been August’s partner in life and love since they met in the late 1980s.

THE RISEN COLLECTIVE, which has been the primary force behind the orchestration of this book, is composed of over 1,500 non-terrestrial beings, plus inestimable devas of various ranges of intelligence, status, self-awareness, and time-spans. All are colleagues in a cooperative of higher-vibrating multidisciplinary groups, which reside in spiritual geographies outside the normal range of terrestrial psychic access. This collective includes educators, scientists, healers, philosophers, and artists from multicultural and multi-temporal backgrounds of Earth and of other dimensional systems, and who have an intensely committed interest in the advancement of communicative relationships with those still embodied on Earth and in other dimensional systems. In turn, they are contributing this service under the direction and auspices of an even higher-vibrating gathering, THE RISEN ASSEMBLY.

THE RISEN ASSEMBLY has indicated that there are more books to come, and would like to extend an invitation to those so interested to submit any questions or areas of interest they would like to see addressed to


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