“I know of one religion; it is service.”
 ~ Silver Birch

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy.
 I awoke and saw that life was service.
 I acted and behold, service was joy.”
 ~ Rabindranath Tagore

    Upon leaving the body for good, there are some who cannot or will not continue the journey that will lead them beyond the astral planes of earth and into the Risen lands. Because of confusion, fear, or outright denial, some transitioning persons will need assistance to find their way to the appropriate area. Once there, they will be cared for as needed until they regain their strength and an empowered sense of their new reality. Until this happens they will not be fully Risen, and they’ll continue to live in a temporary state or place of existence. They might even refuse assistance, most often because they are afraid and misinterpret the well-meant intentions of attending healers.

    An especially common but potent deterrent to becoming healthily Risen is a person’s ignorance about life after death, which is worsened by an active disbelief in survival, and further exacerbated by hostility to any suggestions about changing or releasing such beliefs.

There are Risen Ones who are Healing Interventionists and are with us at every moment of our transition process. They engage us in light-filled conversations and tasks of light, suggesting choices that will balance any of the negativities that would otherwise bring about the ‘purgatories’ and ‘hells’ Tim and I have witnessed during what I call liberation dramas. There are many kinds of healers involved in this kind of occupation, and Tim and I serve as such Healers. We work in teams and on many levels. Not all Healing Interventionists are on the same level, and may actually exist on many different planes of reality, or geographies.

     I have been involved in many spirit interventions over the years. Some are simple events, such as helping a transitioning cousin cross a field on an astral plane, but most are extremely complex in approach and design, requiring creativity as well as experience and a certain mental and spiritual stability in one’s life. Most of us still embodied on the earth will be involved during our terrestrial lives in some kind of service for others who have left their bodies—parents helping children, children helping parents, friends assisting friends, and strangers serving strangers.

The particular liberation drama I'd like to first introduce is emotionally relevant to anyone alive on the planet. It will also provide a good comparison to other rescue missions, and help provide a beginning look into the kinds of situations that can arise when transition is directed by negativity, especially fear.


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