Aspects of transition

"Death is absolutely safe."

~ Emanuel

    Upon leaving their earthly body for good, many people will immediately be greeted by family and friends, whose presence will simultaneously shock and delight them in such a way that they will immediately become fully awake, healed, excited, and joyfully at ease. The transition will be as easy, if not easier, as stepping from one room to another or shrugging off a very heavy coat. I’ve heard it described as “leaving a humid room where I could barely breathe, to suddenly find myself in the purest, freshest air imaginable.” Someone else shared, “I suddenly realized that life on earth was like wearing a strait-jacket most of the time.” There is nothing painful involved here, since the neurological factors that informed the material brain to react with pain responses are left behind in the earthly material body—they are not a part of the new Risen body. Neither is there any lasting memory of the past physical discomforts, which were a cellular function of the old body. There simply is no need for any more of the old physical pain.
    Tim reported that he experienced a falling in and out of a deep, dream-filled state, gradually awakening into a Risen consciousness. His experience appears to be fairly typical of those who endure a lingering or debilitating illness that exhausts and traumatizes the spirit. He was brought to a center of healing for recuperation, one of many such countless places. At these centers, Risen Ones who have gone through the same process themselves and now wish to offer their abilities and knowledge in service, care for the newly transitioned soul.  Tim would like to share a few details.     “You mentioned, August, that when a person sheds the earthly body, the new astral body is what remains upon transition. This needs some more clarification. This body is not necessarily completely formed and perfect, like something new just out of the wrapper. It could be, but often it’s quite the reverse. The condition of our new body greatly depends on our achievements of personal growth and spiritual evolution on earth. This involves the conscious and unconscious qualities of self-awareness, which we’ve gathered and integrated into our constant beingness, as well as the extent of our awareness of and communication with Authentic Self. The more one has advanced within the level of one’s consciousness, and able to maintain an awareness of that consciousness, the easier it is to translate the awareness into a higher vibration, which is a finer movement of the substance of being. We have become more light-filled because we have expanded our consciousness and thus can hold and maintain more light. I literally mean actual light, not something symbolic. Think about it—the more light there is in your presence, the more you can see. And seeing is achieved here with what we previously experienced on earth as inner sight, although now with greatly transmuted facility and completely replacing the former physical faculty of perception.

    “Evidenced by the present depressed state of humankind, it’s understandable that a great many people arriving here are not very light-filled and so literally don’t have much to show for themselves. I’m a good example of someone who had to continue to work through some exceedingly important but neglected issues after I recovered sufficiently.”


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